This oil will leave your beard feeling uber soft and conditioned while helping to speed up hair growth and never clogging pores. 


Hemp is hands down the best carrier oil for beards. Not that I have a full beard – I have some whiskers lol but the guys I talk to all confirmed that they prefer Hemp oil as the base oil. It won’t clog pores and it also is rich in fatty acids which help hydrate and soothe inflamed skin and may even modulate skin oil production treating acne. It also contains the anti-inflammatory gamma linoleic acid (GLA) as well as omega-9. Its fatty acid profile is better than fish oil's, better than flaxseed oil's—it is the best. Among many benefits, these EFAs provide for more elastic skin and shiny, stronger hair.


Grape Seed and Almond oils are also great oils…super light and dries quickly so it won’t leave a greasy. Avocado oil is high in amino acids and proteins, which work towards reducing inflammation, nourishing the hair and scalp, in turn reducing dryness and the associated itch. Avocados restore the natural pH levels in the skin too, which is great for healing and restoring moisture and balance.


Jojoba oil is said to reverse and prevent hair loss. But it can also help speed up hair growth because it moisturizes hair and treats it with vitamins and minerals, making the hair healthy, strong, and in much better state to grow.


Lastley, is the castor oil which helps with hair growth.

Natural Conditioning Beard Oil

  • All packages that contain products which have the potential to spoil due to heat (goat milk body mouse, facial moisturizers, some face masks, serums and hair products), and are shipped during high heat times, will be packed with thermal wrap and contain gel ice packs.  All summer orders containing these products will also be shipped USPS Priority Mail so as to get it to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


    Products will ONLY be shipped on a day that ensures the shortest travel time to you. If you are 2 days priority mail from me, I will not ship later in the week than Wed early afternoon so that you receive it by Friday. If you are 1 day priority mail from me, I will ship up to Thursday morning. 3 day priority mail will not ship after Tuesday afternoon. This is to ensure that your package is not sitting in a hot warehouse all weekend. 


    Basil & Bee takes pride in our products and we do not want you to receive any item which has melted, ruined, or has spoiled due to intense heat.


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All products are cruelty free and non-toxic.  Some are also vegan; and those that are not, can be customized to be vegan. Everything is also paraben free, phthalate free, and formaldehyde free. Also as a reminder, all products can be customized to accommodate any allergy.  Please email us to confirm a special request.